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Holistic Health

For a very long time now I have known that my eating habits would someday have to change. My family has a history of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. I got a complete wellness exam a few months back and even that indicated that I was at high risk of heart disease.

It’s no secret that Will and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now. We have seen a fertility specialist and our OBGYN insists that there is nothing physically wrong with me. He has gone over the statistics with me and assured me that in due time, it will happen. In His time, I suppose. After having exhausted many many possibilities and alternatives including IUI, we decided to look to a Natural, or Holistic Health practitioner. We found Dr. Bella.

I met with her yesterday evening and she confirmed that my diet is in fact crap. So,… no more cokes for me, I need to drink a crazy green drink for a while, and much of what I used to eat, I no longer can. All of this has gotten me to thinking that despite the help it will do for me, I am excited about the change it will bring to the eating habits of Cole.

Wish us look on this new and healthy journey!

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