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Home Sick

Cole started with congestion and cough on Sunday and I really thought I would not get sick. Wednesday I woke up with a horrible sore throat. But I wasn’t tired so I went to work. Big mistake. I kept sneezing and had to walk around with tissue! Yeah that’s right, the faucet was dripping. When I got home I took a nap with Cole and then it was over from there. I couldn’t get out of bed because I didn’t have the strength to hold up my head. So I am home today, sick, and it sucks! I can’t get out of bed so I have been watching tv and surfing the net. But my body just wants to do nothing. I am fighting it though because I have so much to do.

I think though that Cole is feeling much better so I am so thankful for that.

Will though is starting to feel the sore throat and a little achy. I have a sneaky suspicion that he will be occupying the bed tomorrow just as I did today. For today, he is braving the cold and working hard for the money! Thank you baby!~

So does anyone know where Ike is headed now? I think we are safe but is it going towards Corpus or Houston?

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