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I did it

On Monday I registered Cole for pre-school. He will be starting this summer and he will be going Monday – Thursday from 9:30-1:30. I am not excited about him going 4 days a week but there was no other options for summer. Then in the Fall he will be continuing there at FUMC (First United Methodist Church) MWF only.

My feelings about Cole starting school teeter. Somedays I am excited because he needs to socialize and interact, then somedays I’m convinced he’ll be kicked out for being so rough.

Anyway, on his regsitration forms it asked if we were in the process of potty training Cole. Not really but I went ahead and checked yes because a lot can happen in 21/2 months.

Since Friday Cole has occassionally asked to sit on the potty. So Monday evening, Cole tells me he wants to sit on the potty so I take him and call Will in to see him get toilet paper and wipe his booty. So we tell him to try to go potty and he pushes and a little fart comes out. We’re all excited. Then a few seconds later, he pees in the potty! It was totally coincidental but nonetheless still exhilirating to see. He was so proud too, he was all smiling and he kept exclaiming, “I did it!”

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