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I never knew “swimming” could be so much fun,….

This happened last weekend but I am just now getting to post about it. Will has a friend Chad who has been inviting us over to his community pool to go swimming. I always blew it off because 1.) I really don’t like swimming and 2.) Mimi has a pool we can go to whenever we want and it’s private.

So Sunday afternoon Chad calls and invites us over. Will tells him yes without consulting first with me. I know, that the hell?

So, I’m kinda upset that I actually have to leave the computer and I come up with a brilliant idea. Yes, me. I tell him that I will go but I am not going to get in the water and I will take my laptop and play on it. You know because I do invitations now,….

But I was nice about it. I did take my suit just in case,….

Lucky thing I did. We got there and Chad failed to describe it to us. It was awesome! It’s actually a huge huge pool (a kiddie pool and a biggie pool and 2 big boy slides)! The kiddie pool went up to 3 1/2 feet but you could walk into it like the beach. It had waterfalls and water-ups (I made that up just now). It was so much fun! Cole loved it!

Will calls and asks what I wanted to do this evening, and I quickly replied, “Call Chad and see if he wants to get together.” Hint. Hint.

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