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Ideal Motherhood

Every morning I feel renewed and refreshed. I’ve had the longest stretch of sleep I’ll have all day. A whole 5 hours. I sit there and I rock my little bundle. A whole 7 weeks old. The house is quiet. The Hubs has left for work and Toddler is still asleep. And as my Baby Girl nurses, she pauses to look up at me and I get a smile. A smile! A smile that says “I think I love you even in all your morning messiness.” And this makes my heart smile a really big smile. I am filled with new hope for the day. I think that I may even be able to live up to my idea (or ideal) of motherhood.

I start planning my day. There will be hot showers, hot breakfasts, some silly dancing with the littles, and maybe a stroll to the park if we aren’t exhasuted from all the awesomeness the day has brought us.

I run to jump in the shower. I place a very content baby into her bouncy. And that’s pretty much it.

I set myself up for failure from the get go. She hates being in a dirty diaper. I should have changed her diaper first. Now I’m half shaven and I can’t remeber if I used conditioner but I know I didn’t have time to rinse it out. No way I’m going out like that!

There’s always tomorrow I guess.

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