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I think I’m nesting,…but I’ve been doing it for a month or so now. Just expecting this sweet baby girl to come early. She’s a holdout. She seems to be just fine where she is. I, on the other hand, just can’t wait and I’m not even sure why. As you can see from the previous post I am having a very hard time letting go and sharing Cole, perhaps sharing  myself with one more little being. I also know the lack of sleep that is in store for me. I actually remember the lack of sleep more than I remember nausea in both my pregnancies and the nausea was bad, as you can tell from this post.

So the point of all that was that I am on a cleaning/organizing trip these days. My house looks like crap-except for Ellie’s room but my attic looks fabulous! (Ok, house not too bad but it has been constant work to keep up with the stuff I kept pulling down from the attic. )We had a huge garage sale and then donated boxes and boxes of stuff to Goodwill. What a relief! Well, my attic was clean so I decided to hit up and clean my email account. Apparaelty, I am an email hoearder. Check it out, still have over 3,000 emails to look over! Can you say overwhelming?!

But I am actually glad of it because I am coming across some emails that take me back to these moments in time, my thoughts of these moments in time and I just think they are so special. I have to be careful though because the last time I did the whole email cleaning out thing, this happened.

I didn’t blog or document my pregnancy with Cole and then I came across an email I wrote about it and it gave me a glimpse of those days, how I looked and how I felt.

Date: 11/21/2006
Subject: Preggie Eggie Pics

“I promised many of ya’ll pictures of me during my pregnancy so here goes. I took some tonight and realized they sure made me look big but I am hitting my 7th month on Friday and have actually only gained 10 lbs. so the camera adds 10 lbs.!!! I look so much like my sister as she went through her months. The sizes and shapes and bellies and everything has been exactly the same. It’s crazy, except she got lucky and skipped the nausea. Anyhow, I am also sending a link where you can see the sono of Thomas Cole and his most recent pictures..

Hope you enjoy and we’ll talk soon. Oh, BTW sis has dilated 2 centimeters as of last Wednesday but still hanging in there. It will probably happen as the turkeys are coming out of the oven!!!! I will keep you posted…”

First of all, no one calls me Preggie Eggie anymore 🙁 AND I now think it is sooo silly that I would think people would care about my preggers pics enough for me to send them a whole email about it. Also, I referred to Cole as “Thomas Cole” because we weren’t sure then what we would call him on a daily basis. “Cole” won out I guess.  

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