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It’s complicated (for a Momma)

My little man is in love. He is in love with a little red-head from school. But it’s quite complicated, this pre-school love. Because you see, Cole loves A. Cole has a best buddy at school N, who also loves A. But A does not love Cole. A loves N:(

Cole I believe could not care less that A and N were holding hands at school all day. Or that N and A were crying for each other after school. Pre-school love, isn’t really all that complicated. Not for them, ya know, the pre-schoolers. My heart is broken that little man didn’t get the girl. But Cole, in all his innocence, doesn’t see it that way. There’s no jealousy. It’s just all pure love. It can shared. Cars however cannot be shared. Not at this tender age. But then again, adults can share their cars, but certainly not their loves.

Starring in the below movie are Cole, N and A.
(Having problems removing sound from video-names are revealed and we can’t have any of that!)


  1. OMG!!! As much as N loves A..and who wouldn’t she is SOOO adorable..take comfort in the fact N LOVES Cole and talks about him constantly. After all..many girls will come and go (afterall they are just 2) BUT a boys first best friend lasts forever.

    Mom to N

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