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It’s Unofficially Official

A week ago today we saw a breakthrough in potty training. I think that I can now say that Cole is officially potty trained, unofficially. Now, there are the occasional accidents, and for whatever reason, every time he visits his Nana, he comes back peeing all over the place. Not like a skiddish chihuahua, but like an “I don’t really care that my pants are wet cuz I’m having too much fun” toddler.
So Tuesday (a week ago) Cole and his cousin K were watching tv in the bed. I hear Cole call out that he went pee pee and then K yells “Tia, Cole went pee pee”. “Fantastic”, I think to myslef as I walk into the room to have the “pee pee goes in the potty not your chones” talk for the millionth time and I see Cole walking around holding his chones (aka underwear).
I look all around and ask the boys “where is the pee?”. I can’t find it anywhere. I get on my hands and knees and start feeling around the floor. Cole calls me from the bathroom because somewhere in the middle of my search for “wetted bliss” he snuck away. I get up, walk into the bathroom and Cole is standing in front of the toilet, still holding his chones. “Right there, pee pee right there” he says as he points into the toilet. He runs out towards me and asks “Mommy, you not mad at me?”
My poor poor Tweetie Pie! I had him and K all scared and the whole time he had actually taken it upon himself to go to the potty on his own, pull down his chones, pee, wipe, flush, get down, get his chones and call out to me.
So since Tuesday I have not been able to help go potty. He now goes completely on his own. In fact, I must leave the room and “go to your computer”.
The only thing we need to work on is what is the proper amount of toilet paper to use. Because usually, he walks out with this much
Disclaimer: I do realize that as soon as this post goes live (in about 30 seconds), we will take about 30 steps back in the potty training saga because it never fails-as soon as I say how well he is doing, he pees his pants for the next week straight. But really, I don’t care. Pee and I have become quite close as we’ve been through a lot lately;)

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  1. That is WONDERFUL!!! Congrats!!! I can’t wait till we have that sweet “moment”. It will be the first time in 10 years that we are diaper free!

    YIPPEE! I’ll be dancing in the streets!

    Blessings to you!

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