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Kisses that Melt

I was on my way home today, flustered, defeated, beaten down, and I just wanted to cry. I was heading home to a child and hubby who so needed me and I was just spent. I just didn’t think I had it in me to be mommy, to turn it all off and be someone else’s everything.

I called my own mom, because even at 30, sometimes I just want my mommy. We talked a bit. I called hubby and was greeted by a a cheerful “Hi Mommy!”. It was Cole, and all my worries and insecurities melted away. Turns out I so needed them and that they were in fact my everything!


As Cole would say when I kiss his boo-boo, “all better now”….and I am. Isn’t it just miraculous what a sweet kiss can do for the soul?

Kisses That Melt 1-01

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