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Let him be little, let him sleep in the middle

Will and I have been so proud that Cole sleeps in his own crib all night, since he was a week old. Nobody slept well when he was in our bed. We’ve tried it about a dozen times only to get up after half an hour of Cole kicking, talking, kissing, nose grabbing, and lying sideways. Sorry bud, it’s back in your own bed.

Well, our prince sleeps until 6 and we get up to change his diaper and give him his “mil” and we put him in the swing (yest-the one he is way too big for) with his head hanging half off where he sleeps for another 2-3 hours. That swing has been heaven for us. Monday, he cried when I put him in it and he even refused his milk. Weird. So I decided that since I can sleep in late why not let him lay in bed with us? It will be a few torturous hours but Cole will like it.

Let me tell you that our little man has learned to sleep in bed with us. We all slept for a few more hours! I say all but just Cole and I because Will had to get up and go to work. I’m not gonna lie to you, Will and I were a little giddy at the fact that we had slept together. We felt like better parents.

Well, apparently we have ruined our child. Now he refuses the swing in the morning and wants the morning with us. I know, it’s not a lot to ask of us, but I don’t like habits and that’s why we never did it in the first place. But it is kinda fun having him so close so I think we may let it be.

As for the swing, I think we’ll keep it for a little while longer. We decided that if 60% of him still fits on there, we will continue to use it. I’m kidding, he still fits in it, …. sort of,…..maybe I should poll it….

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