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Little Turd

OMG! That’s all I can say right now! My son is a little freaking turd! He’s horrible! He grunts at us when we we don’t grant his every wish, he throws tantrums and cries and whines. As soon as I walk in the door from work, he says “hand”, and then pulls me to the door repeating, “shide, fia, shide, fia”. Terrible Two Translation: Oustide, Afuera.

So mommy calmly tells him that mommy looks hot right now so let’s go change into mommy clothes and then we can go outside. He starts screaming and crying and throwing himslef to the floor. It’s just wonderful, and I get to go through it all freaking night!

Because it doesn’t stop there. Going right or not running into the street is another tantrum. Coming inside is another one. Wanting to take a bath, and asking for “totilla/leche/mil/appo juice/rice/showa/no night night/vroom vroom/bye bye” are all tantrums as well. This is every freaking night lately. How many times did I say “freaking”-probably not freaking enough!

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