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Magic Spells

Cole has been needing a haircut for some time now but we just kept procrastinating. I think deep down I kinda liked his hair. He was not so crazy about it though. It was getting a little long and when he would play outside he would sweat and he would move his hair out of his face and say “pica”, which means itch. We finally picked up on that and went to cut his hair. We went to Snip Its, the haircut place for children. I buy generic everything, including haircuts! So Snip Its was not a place you were likely to spot me. We always take him to Arci, who cuts Will’s hair. We called her to tell her we were on our way and she said she would be at least 30 minutes. So I suggested Snip its because my friend Bea takes her son there and I swear her receipt said $9.95. Not only that, the last time we got Cole’s hair cut, he had a minor fit. So maybe Snip Its had some magic spell that would calm Cole down. This is his before picture….I think it looks cute!

This is his during picture. Snip Its does have a magic spell! Not a peep from this little “Egg”!

This is Daddy’s during picture. The other magic spell Snip Its has is it also satisfies Daddy! Mommy was happy too, this meant she could relax tonight!

This is Cole’s after picture. I am still adjusting to the cut. He was calm the entire time! Snip Its is our new hair stop, for Daddy too! Sorry Arci, we had some good times, but not as good as this!

When we left Cole got to get a prize and we got a sur-prize. The haircut was not $9.95. I repeat, it was not $9.95! I guess Mommy will be paying for that tonight, forget relaxing.

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