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Make your Blog into a Book!!!

Now seriously, if I didn’t surf the web all dang day, I’d never have anything to share with you. So, you’re welcome. Even if it has all been information that was either not at all interesting to you, or irrelevant. But without further adieu, let me present to you my newest find:

You fellow bloggers can now make your blog into a book, all in one easy click of a button. Oh my Gawd!!!! Do you know what this means? How many of you out there started blogging just to document the lives of you children and family? Now you can have it all printed without having to save and back up the blog and do who knows what else. Some genius out in the web outer space has figured out how to do the hard work for us.

Sorry, I know you’ve been waiting for me to get to the goodies. But The Cutest Blog on the Block has the cutest free backgrounds for your blog (and now complete blog sites!) and as I went onto their site (to change the winter birds from last winter-oops) I stumbled upon the big button on their homepage that says “It’s Time to Make your Blog into a Book”. So I clicked on it and it did it all for me within a matter of seconds and then, get this people,….

I was even able to preview the entire book!

I am in blog heaven, all over again (since last night, you know?)

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