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Mama said there’d be days like this

I flutter around all day getting dressed, feeding Cole, running errands, walking the dogs, checking my email, and all the while all I can think about is work. I can’t wait to get to my computer and start designing. These days it’s visions of sugar plums, candy canes, and Christmas trees. But as soon as my little fingers hit the computer, the first thing that I do is reply to emails and then from there, I get lost on the world wide web. The time comes to pick Cole up from school and then it’s lunch time, nap time (for him-not me), relax time, honey gets home time, family time, and then before I know it the day has come and gone. And I have nothing to show for it. NOTHING AT ALL!

So I sit at my computer, again, in the wee hours of the morning and decide to attempt to put my minds work into action. It is the moment I have been waiting for. Not a creature is stirring – well quite possibly a mouse-and that damn dog that barks at the cat up in the tree – and NOTHING! I GET NOTHING!

I stare at the screen and fidget and design stuff that takes me forever and is crap! Pure crap! I somehow managed to veer from the design layout I had drawn up and I have sped off a cliff into crapdom!

These have been my days lately. I just can’t sit and concentrate for the life of me. Anyone having days like these lately?

“Mama said there’s be days like this, there’d be days like this, my Mama said….”

I did manage, finally, after many many revisions, to come up with a design, FINALLY! Sadly, it was not what I had in mind, but somehow it came to be what it came to be: a Merry Mint Christmas Card.

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