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Me Wants a Gypsy!!!!

Tomorrow will be a big day for me. and I mean B-I-G! Guess what the brown truck will be delivering to my house? A Cricut machine. I am so excited. Yay for me! My friend, Angela, introduced me to a whole new world of cardmaking. So soon my card making will go 3d. Oh yes it will. But first I have to get my Cricut.

Now, a perfect Cricut accessory might be the Gypsy. No, it IS the Gypsy! Me wants a Gypsy and in order to have a chance to win it I needed to share this with you on my blog. Now, the chances of me winning are much better than me winning the lotto, considering especially that I don’t play. So this time, I’m gonna play. I am in it to win it!

Cutting Above, a brand new scrapbooking blog has received 2 to give away. So head over there and try for your chance to win one and read about all the spiffy stuff the Cricut and it’s companion, Gypsy are capable of. Now, if you win one and aren’t sure what in the world you would do with it let me help you (because I love helping people). Just give it to me. You’re welcome for the help;)

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