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Mind over Matter

I want to be asleep. I really really do. But it appears that my previous letter to morning sickness has pissed it off. I felt horrible yesterday. Horrible. All day I was trying to keep things down. I wimpered and lay in bed all day. Then, I made a lentil soup like my Aunt Ana used to make me. And I just ended up flushing it down the toilet. So tonight I was sitting in the living room just trying to kill time. So I watched a Lifetime movie. Not just any movie, but one I’d already seen. I hate rewatching movies. But I felt crappy and I wanted to avoid barfing again.

But I finally gave in and got in bed. I kept repeating these 3 words in my head, “Mind over matter”. It’s all in my head. I could have thrown up many many times but I have kept myself busy. My mind busy. So I tried to think about random stuff. Stuff to get me to doze off. Then I remembered I hadn’t prayed in a while. The last time I had prayed I had prayed that morning sickness stayed at bay because I had a project I had to finish up for a client. I also prayed for some more work. I felt fantastic the following day and then ended up getting super duper busy with BIG jobs (as in more than one). I must have gotten caught up in all the excitememnt and feeling awesome that I forgot to pray again.

So I thought of this as I lay there feeling guilty for not having spoken to Him in a few days. And all I could think to pray for was to be thankful. Thankful for morning sickness. For the sign of life within me. New life. For an answer to a prayer we had recited over and over again. And I felt better so I decided to blog. Now that I’m not afraid of the barf, I think I’ll join my Baby Daddy in bed. Who by the way had a crappy Father’s Day because I was feeling icky. So I might have said to him that his gifts were making me nauseous…Happy Father’s Day. My poor Man, he even thanked me!


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