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I started attending MOPS groups here in the area and this was our first official meeting. By “our” I really mean mine and Cole’s. We missed the first one because I was sick with what seemed like the flu. I never went to the Dr because I was in too much pain to wait in the drs office.

I was so worried about leaving Cole in the nursery because he’s never been in that kind of environment. I have left him before, when I worked, but it was with Yaya, who he knew for always. So this was completely different.

We got there and he wanted some boiled egg that I had packed for him so I gave him that. Then he spotted the communal cheerios and as they prepared that for him, I stepped out into the meeting. After about 5 minutes I decided to go in and check on him. He was walking around, checking things out. No problems.

I went back into the meeting and after about 15 minutes I decided I best go back and check on Cole. Surely now he has noticed that Mommy is not in the room and that he is with complete strangers and I was positive he was having a meltdown.

I sneak into the nursery area and as I am approaching the door I see his little head bobbing up and down towards the door. I drop to the floor and hope and pray he didn’t see me. Well he didn’t see me but another mommy did and asked if Cole was mine, the “boy in yellow”. “Yes” I replied. A few moments later she said to me, “it’s safe now, you can peek.” So I did. He was just fine.

I went back into the room confident my baby boy was not so baby anymore. That’s not so reassuring….

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