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Multiple Blessings

Who would have know how much my life would have changed in the last year. I thought that surely this new year had new babies in store for me. He had other plans. Plans of which I am so very grateful for. Plans that have brought about unexpected blessings. Welcome blessings. Oh so very welcome blessings!

I joined MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) just after leaving my job. I was hesitant at first. To meet new people. To put myself out there. As I was forging new friendships, I was mourning old ones. I was losing faith. In people. In myself. In God. But I was seeking Him. I was desperately seeking Him. A lifeline. A raft. A signal. A church.

And through this organization, I found some amazing women. Truly amazing women that follow my blog. That follow my heart.

I was conflicted early in the year. A lost soul, you could say. I was very very surprised to have received not one, but over 4 calls when I had missed a few meetings. Because let me tell you that in all my years of friendships, it has been very rare that one friend would call and ask after me after any change in my behavior. So you can imagine my surprise when it was four. Four?! My heart was touched. By humanity. By sisterhood. By friendship. By motherhood.

These are the women I write about when I say they know my burdens. They never get tired of hearing about them. Of hearing me complain. Or cry. Or whine. Or question. They listen. And they pray.

They pray. 

And I know they do. Because I have witnessed some pretty amazing things in me through their prayer. But they’re not just my blessing. They are my son’s blessing. And my husband’s blessing. Because they have seen a change in me. And I have seen a change in them.

Now it’s not that they are any different. They are the same beautiful creatures they have always been. But I am seeing them through new eyes. They are the eyes of faith. I am seeing that all things are just as they should be.

But still, there are days when I fall off the proverbial wagon. And on those days, I have many many hands that are willing and able to walk me through the grit and the grime. {But to really walk me through. Not just say they’ll walk me through. They are women of action. They call, they take me out, they visit, they write, and they read me. They read me in oh so many ways.} To bring me back to Him. To my family. To the moment. To the chaotic bliss that is my life. Because that’s what it is. It’s pure bliss.

I replay words from these ladies in my head over and over again:

“while the reasons may be different, the heartache is the same” -Angela

“God does not punish” -Tracy

“it’s not about being forgiven, it’s about forgiving yourself” -Aunt Sandra

“He places this in your heart for a reason” -Dawn

It’s like when your child chases a ball into the street. He has his eye on the ball. You however, see the danger lurking. You see the bigger picture. So you pull him back to protect him. -Mama Becky talking about His plan for me

So I was blessed with that girl I always wanted. It just wasn’t in the package I had envisioned it. And it was a multiple blessing. Too many girls to count. Because who has the time now when there are spouses to love on? Children to watch sleep. Girlfriends to lean on. Serious thank you letters to write. And one particular thank you prayer to make….

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