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New beginnings

Don’t you just love the beginning of things? Fresh starts and new hopes. We have a chance to start anew every January 1st and I don’t think I have ever really made a New Years Resolution. This year I did, they are in the New Years post. So they are up here for all the world to see and for me to be accountable to them.

I started organizing all of Cole’s toys. I bought 12 plastic bins and got every single one of his toys out of his room, under the bed, under the couch, behind the fridge and in the diaper bag out and into their respective bins. What a load off my shoulders! I have been wanting to do this for so long and have been on the hunt for containers that would fit snuggly into the huge bookshelf we have but after months of actively shopping around, on new Year’s I stumbled upon them at Wal Mart. I have looked there so many times but perhaps it was meant to be. My new beginning started there. Now if I could only get Gloria to help me keep them organized. She is crazy about Cole and anything he wants he gets. She’s like another grandma. I usually don’t say anything because in the whole scheme of things, it’s really not that bad a problem to have. Allthough, I admit it is one of my greatest pet peeves to see that one of the ball popper”s balls is in the kitchen and one is under the bed and another in the tub, rendering the ball popper incomplete, and useless. It drives me up the wall. But I never said anything because I had taken ownership in the problem. I didn’t have a system. Now I do. Yeah! And Gloria is totally on board.

So it’s a great feeling to start off fresh. Now, another resolution of mine was to be grateful and pray more often. So as I was organizing in the wee hours of the New Year, I stumbled upon this book: The One Year Book of Daily Prayers: 365 meditations on Bible prayers that give you God’s peace for each day. I will share them with you on my blogs.

January 1:
“Dear Lord, I ask for your wisdom in my life this year….”

I won’t actually post my prayers for fear of not being able to be honest. Enjoy!

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