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New Look for Chic Farm Designs?

So I have been working, little by little, on my new look for Chic Farm Designs. The current look was designed by someone else but it’s not a one of a kind and I am a one of a kind girl. So I thought it would be fitting to design one myself, considering I am a designer. But as I realize things look and sound better in my head, I thought I’d have my blog readers “check me at the door” so to speak.

So do you like my current one, found here, or the new look below? I LOVE comments and stalkers so don’t be shy about leaving one or being one.


  1. I’ll stalk you girl..I like the tree one–the new one, better than the old one, I feel the older one has kinda been there; done that. Both are cute though–just my opinion… 🙂

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