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Next Year

Isn’t it the funniest thing how we hype up this miraculous holiday and then when the time finally comes for the whole production to come together, we’re so tuckered out we’re like, … “totally next year”.

Oh the hope we carry into the New Year.

Case in point:

Last year, after many many years of wishing and wanting lights outside, we finally plunged down mucho dinero to buy those outdoor lights and the clips. We were all so eager to get them up. Light them. And….well, I’m not sure what we expected to happen after that. It may have actually happened had we finished the job. But seriously, who knew the peaks of our roof were that steep? Who knew???? Had we known we may have not have attempted to get up there and try to hang them. So we smarted up. We decided to leave the peaks for last. Then guess what happened, we were tuckered out about trying to figure out how to survive the peaks we decided to put it off for tomorrow. But tomorrow became next week and then next week somehow became next Christmas. But we all know hat happened to the lights right? Well, they came down in June after never have been lit because we found the amusement of our friends was not at all amusing to us. So they went down. Maybe next Christmas. Because life will get easier. Or we’ll be rich that we can hire someone to do our dirty work. Then afford to pay them off after they sue us because they fell off our roof.

Well, this year, I found this little book called What God Wants for Christmas.

It is an interactive book that is a word for word narration of the story of the birth of Christ by the angel David. You read the story and as you read you unwrap 7 tiny gifts. It is a hands on way for children to learn about Christams. The resaon for the season, if you will.

Well, things were crazy with the white elephant and family that the wrapped book couldn’t be found until the very end, and by that point, Cole was all like, “open my car!”


So I obliged my little man because his joy was just so beautiful. So pure.


That I decided that maybe next Christmas would be a better time to introduce the book to him. Besides, Christmas has passed right? I realize what a lame excuse that is. But it is my excuse, and I am comfortable with that. But why in the world did I ever think he would want to sit and open this book after having tasted that sweet metal Hot Wheels scent? What was I thinking? I was setting myself up for disaster. Anyway, I am sitting here, looking at that book, and kinda sad about that. Because in my quest to be closer to Him I’m kinda feeling like I am pushing Him away. So maybe tomorrow, I’ll open it up, even if it is late, and read him the book. Let him unwrap those tiny little presents because I just think that a year is waaay too long to have to wait to hear such a beautiful story. So that’s tomorrow’s plan. Besides, next year is only like 2 days away. I’d probably better get a head start on that. Which reminds me, I also have to make White Trash/Puppy Chow that also got lost in all the Christmas cheer;)

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