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No Pictures Please!!!!

Today was Cole’s first day back at school. I couldn’t sleep last night I was so giddy with excitement!

It’s not how it looks. Really. He was happy and very excited about his first day at school. The pictures are deceiving. I think he was just annoyed that I kept asking him to pose.

He was excited about that firetruck all weekend. It’s in the second picture but I only got a small part of it in there. He kept saying he was gonna grab that firetruck and play with it. I got there early so that he could get it and I could leave without him crying for me. You know, so that he would find solace in the toy. 

He was a little sad when I told him I had to leave. He kept whispering to me that he was “scared”. So his teacher, Miss Jeanie sat next to him and gave him the snuggles he needed to say goodbye to me. I left the classroom and stayed in the building for a while. He was completely fine. Then I got to talking to another mother and forgot to watch that he wasn’t watching me and he spotted me through his classroom window. He smiled BIG and yelled “Mommy! I love you!” And then he threw me kisses. Then I left for real. I think he stayed ok.

Now, I’m just sitting here at home,…nervous. Wondering if he is still in fact ok.

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