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Our Sweet Baby Girl: From Elephants to Bears and Everything in Between

As soon as we confirmed we were having a girl, we decided on a name. Actually, as soon as we were pregnant with Cole, we had the name of our first girl. This name was always a top contender. To be quite frank, it was the only contender. Seriously, when I suggested it, it was a done deal. Will loved it immediately. Cole’s name was relatively easy as well. I always wanted a Thomas and his middle name was between Dean and Cole. I think we made the right choice.

Anyhow, we’re ready to share the name of our sweet Baby Girl now with the world. We’ve been calling her Baby Bear and Sister Bear between the family even though her name is no secret at all. But still, I get chills when I see it written. It just makes it all so real,…so tangible. We’re having our girl. Can’t quite digest it all sometimes.

We wanted to honor Nanny, Will’s grandmother, who we are very very close to. So we bestowed upon our precious daughter a middle name that for us carried so much grace and character. We wanted a name that was a constant reminder of our virtues and our faith.

Ellie: shining light, noble, exalted, sun ray
Vivian: lively

Never mind the whole elephant image, for a while I’d been calling her Ellie-phant and I do love the color combo of gray and pink which is the direction I am thinking of going in her bedroom.  Nonetheless, she’s still our Ellie-Bear.

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