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PETA’S UNhappy Meal

I was stalking other people’s blogs this evening when I came across a post about PETA, you know, the animal rights group. Now, I am all for the ethical treatment of all God’s creatures but PETA has been known to practice some pretty radical ideas and efforts. Case in point: Inside Peta’s Unhappy Meal.

Disclaimer: The content about to be discussed is not suitable for viewing for children under 18, er, for anyone actually!

Now, just imagine walking into McDonald’s with your happy go lucky, sweet, little children to find hordes of protesters complete with a presentation. You will find a chicken cutting the head off of an upside down Ronald McDonald with fake blood everywhere.

and just when you think you can’t take anymore, they hand your child an Unhappy Meal box.

This was taken directly from the PETA Unhappy Meal web site:

“The inside of the Unhappy Meal box is stained with “blood” and contains a “blood”-filled packet urging McDonald’s to “Ketchup With the Times,” a paper cutout of a menacing Ronald McDonald with PETA’s parody “I’m Hatin’ It” logo, a “bloody” plastic chicken, and a “Chicken McCruelty” T-shirt wrapped up like a sandwich.

I find the images disturbing and cannot imagine just how I might explain to my toddler the reason these boxes had boo boos. Seriously PETA?

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