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Potty Training has officially begun!!!!

Cole’s first week of school went very well. I am sure though that if you ask Cole how it went his reply would be different. He is adjusting well and hasn’t been kicked out yet. He seems to be a different person at school. I stalk him through the windows and he sits at his chair and eats his snacks, goes to the rug to join the other children when asked, he plays on the playset and I was wondering if we enabled his behavior, er rebelliousness at home. Then it dawned on me that it’s a new place and soon he will be the little terror we have come to know and love.

It has been a very busy week for Cole, full of new things. We have started the potty training, which I kept putting back because I thought it would just happen on it’s own. Seriously, don’t laugh, I did think that. Anyway, it didn’t so I had to take it into my own hands. Friday I went and bought him some little boy briefs, “chones”, as we call them in Spanish. We walked into Wal Mart and I told Cole we were going to buy some chones for him. “I like chones” he said over and over and over again as we walked through the store. ‘That’s what you say now buddy.’ I was thinking.

We got home and I put them on. Gave him the whole speech about going in the potty like a big boy, blah blah blah. He was humored by the new chones and ran to sit on the couch to watch cartoons. ‘Not the couch’ is all I could think. That’s when it struck me that perhaps I should have never fought him all those times he wanted to eat on the coffee table. I could contain the messes. Fine, whatever, let’s get it on with the potty training.

I ste the timer for every 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes I would ask him if he wanted to go potty, pee-pee, poo-poo. “No, I don’t wanna go potty!” he would yell.

He was playing at his easel and not 2 minutes after the timer went off and I asked if he wanted to go potty (to which he replied no)I heard a spill on the floor. I jerk around and Cole smiles and says “Mommy, I go pee-pee”.

So perhaps the timing was just not right, on his part or mine, but there is a silver lining. It was on the tile!!!!

So I took him to the toilet and he finished there. We’re all still trying to get the hang of this potty training business but it’s hit or miss right now. Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t. Fun stuff.

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