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Powder Room

Recap of the last week here in the Eggleston home…

cramps Friday and Saturday, s-u-c-k-e-d!
Sunday, felt muuch better so I worked
Monday, went for a visit to San Antonio to see my friends, The Kellys
Tuesday, was supposed to work on Will’s fabulous Father’s Day gift,…did not…it will not arrive in time, shit, shit, shit
still Tuesday, Cole and I spent 3 hours at the pool,…so much fun!!!! Miss Cam, and Little Sir Peyton were great helps (aka babysitters). Cole wanted nothing to do with me. I layed out a little and floated in the lazy pool. Used SPF 4, so I can tan you know. Did I? No, but I burnt the hell out of my back. It will look fab in a few days, if I live through the pain long enough. My legs, still the same. Seriously, what does a Mexican girl gotta do to get a tan?????
Wednesday, woke up and came home early enough to take a nap. walked into Cole’s room and was greeted by Sunday’s mess….

So this is how it all played out:
I was in the computer room working on a birth announcement. I heard clattering and noise in Cole’s room. He was in there, I had an idea what he was doing but I was enthralled in the design process so I worked on. I called out to him, “Cole, you ok?” “Yes Mommy, I ok.” he replied. I was fine with that. I had a feeling he was throwing his book on the floor. I finally finished my design and went in to check on my precious little angel. To my horror, I realized the noise he was making was the bottle of powder being flung many many times across the room. I didn’t make a peep, I walked out to get the camera….

It was worth it to get it on camera. In the last few weeks I would give the powder a funny look… I would wonder if he was at that stage where it was appealing to throw it, or if he had passed it or if it was yet to come. I shrugged it off, and left it open, ready to use. The day had come I guess. Nonetheless, it was fun. and classic. I am still cleaning the powder.

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