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Pure Bliss (pics to come…)

I ventured out to lunch with him to Olive Garden on Friday. He usually stays home with Ya-Ya (Gloria) unless it’s a quick drive-thru errand. I love to take him out but as you know, life in restaurants with children, though pleasant, isn’t very satisfying. I don’t eat well because I am having to feed, coral, calm, or clean Cole constantly.

He was getting really messy and I had made the mistake of letting him sit next to me. Again, another first. He’s always in a high chair.

Cole is at this real lovey-dovey stage right now. I absolutely love it. He just grabs us by the head and pulls us towards him and kisses and hugs us. It’s pure bliss! Well, he was doing this as we were eating, or shall I say, as he was eating. I had Tour of Italy all over my shirt, hair, and face. I walked out of there smelling like cheese purge but it was all so worth a hundred hugs and kisses from Cole-ster.

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