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Red, White, and Blue of Embarrasment

Ok, so seriously, I shouldn’t even be blogging right now. I have soo much to do and I have a hard-core deadline I have to meet BUT I just realized that today we are officially able to start wearing bright colors (ahem white) and linens. You would think that after my White Prohibition and moments like this or this, I would be afraid.

But no. Not I.

I am excited to dust off the white and strut my “puppies“.

Now, let me ask you:

Do you wear red under your whites? Is that just crazy and bold? Sissy swears by it but seriously, I think I’ve had enough wardrobe malfunctions to be the guinea pig. Maybe when I don’t have a deadline I can spend some time Googl-ing. If you happen by it beforehand, please leave a comment letting us know.


  1. you are STILL stressing over this?! LMAO!!! you’re crazy! I’ve just googled it, and it’s BOTH…some say yes it’s fine others say no way!! most say..depends on how tight the pants are…so with that..happy Red Panty Hunting! 🙂

  2. Yeah. Still extremely traumatized and finally just went out and bought me some nudes,..as in the color. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Works like a charm and there’s no need to try the reds.

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