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Ringing in the New Year…

with a click (of the mouse button).

We all stayed in and watched movies. Will and Cole are both sicky-pooh so nobody wanted to come over and catch the flu. Bummer right? They are actually in bed right now, so I decided to get me some computer time!

I was driving home today and I was thinking about Cole’s birth. Will and I talk about it often and it’s so nice to look back on it. I remember feeling that the world had stopped, and in that moment, in those first few days, how nobody and nothing else mattered. I was complete.

I pray for a baby brother or sister for Cole and I forget how truly blessed we are to have this little man in our lives. Perhaps, I should spend less time praying for another little miracle and some time thanking Him for the blessings I already have…

These are some of my New Years Resolutions:
to be grateful more often
to want less
to have something to offer emotionally (help here Sissy)
to cook meals for my family regularly
to be super duper awesome at designing and all things digital
to balance the checkbook (do not laugh Will and all his coworkers-Ken…Tony-I am serious!)
to be more attentive to my son and husband (spend less time on the computer)

It is midnight as I write this line! I would not have known had the fireworks not started blasting off. Will and Cole are asleep already. I wish Cole could see the fireworks 🙁


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