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Safety First

Today was your fist day back at scool from a long 3 week break. I prepped you for it all last night and htis morning. You were ready for it. THEN I decided to throw in there that after school I would take you to get a haircut with Claudia. You love getting your haircut with her. It’s the small plastic police car she has in the room. Imagine the horror when we drove up to school: “This is not Claudia’s!”

But you did just fine. You told me that you played with 1 car, Alex and Mina played with dresses. It was as I was pulling out from school that you told me your seat belt wasn’t buckled. You have finally figured out a way to unbuckle it. Mimi (who ironically cannot unbuckle you) gave you a kitten that drinks milk from a bottle for Christmas. That bottle somehow made its way into the car and you have learned to use it as your escape tool. You use the tip to put pressure on the seat belt button and unlatch yourself. Pretty smart thinking there buddy.

BUT regardless of your new-found freedom, you still like your seat belt. I do too. I hate going even in the neighborhood without it. You don’t let me take mine off either until the car comes to a stop when we get home. 

I really felt I had more to write. But I just finished (FINALLY) your classmate Ivan’s birthday invitations and his mom, Araceli, has finally approved them. Which means Mommy made some cash so she can help pay for your school! Yay! Daddy will be releived to see some money coming in. So am I.

In case you ever wonder, this was Ivan Vega, and this was his invitations:

His mommy was very hard to work with because she knew exactly what she wanted, but not really. I learned how to do extractions (cutting out the background) because she made me do quite a few. She kept changing the pictures of the tractors on me and also the pictures of Ivan. She’s a lot like me. Thanks goodness I do this work so I can annoy less people;)

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