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Seperation Anxiety

Ever since Yaya left, Cole has been spending a lot of time with mommy. I reveled in it at first, we took naps together, we went shopping together, we watched tv together. It was fun,…until he started demanding mommy “take a nap”, or “sit down here”.

As it has been, Cole had not napped the whole week because I woudn’t nap with him. I know what you’re thinking, crazy to deny a nap to oneself. But when one has lots of work to do, there is no other option.

So yesterday Will and I had an evening planned with all the moms and pops in Mops. I needed Cole to take a nap so he wouldn’t be cranky in the nursery. So I closed all the curtains, put on his favorite movie (Cars), and turned off all the lights. Then I even offered him up his blankie to watch tv with. It worked like a charm. My little guy fell aslpeep on the floor.

So we take off to Mops and he wails and grabs on for dear life when we leave him in the nursery. We let him cry and off we go with the adults. I go back and check on him and he’s still kinda crying but not so much. They tell me to go, he’s ok. I leave and after a few minutes I go back to check on him and he’s wailing. We get him and date night is officially over. We left.

I don’t know what it is. This is the face I get when I leave:Wouldn’t it kill you too?

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