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Shaddow cont…

My intent was to tell you about Shaddow on Saturday, but I left for a leadership retreat with the Junior League of McAllen and just this afternoon returned.

As you may have already imagined, Shaddow passed away on Friday. She had been coughing really bad on Thursday, so Friday morning we took her in first thing. She seemed to have trouble breathing again too. They took xrays and we saw that her heart was 3-4 times the size it should be. It was pushing up against her windpipe, hence the trouble breathing.

The damage was irreversible. We would have to limit her activity because any exersion caused the wheezing and coughing. This meant eating, walking, feeling anxious, basically just breathing was an exersion.

We were given two options: take her home and give her 4 different meds daily to help her cope or make the decision to put her to sleep.

So on Friday we all said “goodbye” to Shaddow, our chihuahua of nearly 12 years =`(

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