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Silver Lining of Potty Training

To every storm cloud there is a silver lining-this is what they say. So every time I want to pull my hair out, I try to find the silver lining.

Potty training Cole after I last posted that it was horrible had become bliss for over a week. No accidents, not all day, not during naps, not at night. Impressive, I know. I kept wanting to facebook or blog about it but I refrained because I didn’t want to jinx it. Then one day, I was so proud I bragged about how easy it was and just like that, I jinxed myself.

Some days, he doesn’t even try. Most days in fact this week. Today, a breakthrough moment. I had just made him potty in the toilet and we were getting into bed for a nap. A few minutes later he told me he had to go potty – poo poo. We ran to the potty, he banished me frm the room as always, and did his business. It was a turd that only a Mama could be proud of, and I sure was. Surely, there was nothing left in that teeny little bowel of his. So we took our nap, woke up, and he sprinkled his pants on the way to the potty. No biggie, he had tried. I went to get his “chones” and they were all gone. As in all used up. All 15 pairs. And I had just done laundry a couple of days ago. Annoyed, I dump them all in a water/bleach solution and walk into the hallway of the laundry room to find Cole squatting. Weird. I look around the corner and see a big ‘ol turd. For a split second I think it must be Bailey’s, except that it is the size of Bailey. I ask Cole, “What is that.” He looks up at me, smiles, and points to it and says, “Cole pooped” – very matter of factly. Like no shit mom…

Silver lining – our house is all tile….and one spot is particularly clean.

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