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Slave-driving Toddler

Monday Cole started opening and closing the fridge and freezer all by himslef! It is not an accomplishment we are happy about. Proud yes. Happy,… not so much. Getting him to stop asking for white ice cream and ice pops just got harder.

Also, Cole woke up last night 4 times puking. He puked in every one of our beds because we are idiots and kept shuffling him around from bed to bed after a throw up session. No need to worry guests, we have mattress protectors!!!

We finally smartened up and let him sleep on the kitchen floor-just as he’d requested. And guess what? He didn’t puke again. Oh, and I slept like $hit. But he is doing fine. Just a bug I suppose because to my complete and utter dismay, he was fired up and ready to go this morning. I was tired and wanted to take the day off but my boss, as usual, denied my requests. Toddlers can be such slave drivers!

Goodnight all! I still have some puke-y sheets and bedspreads to wash!

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  1. awe YUCK! poor girl, I hate puke…everything about it is just…*GAG* yuck!! I’d offer to come help you but honestly–it’s puke…I’m not so good with that. SORRY! but I Hope you get it all cleaned up quickly! 🙂

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