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Sleeping Arrangements

About a week or so back Will decided that Max was about grown out of crate #2. So he went out and bought a big mama-jama crate, number 3, which holds dogs up to 95 pounds! When he walked in with it he set it down and the first thing Cole did was claimed it as his own.
For about a week we didn’t take it out because Cole loved it! It broke our hearts to take such a fun toy away from him, however, a crate is no place for a sweet little boy now is it?

Try convincing a sweet little boy of that…

Nonetheless, we kept it around for a while and then something strange happened. Mom started to like it to.

All of this when we were “big boy bed” shopping for Cole. Seems he found his own big bed. He was in and out and finally we decided that if he was ever going to truly sleep, we needed to give it to its rightful owner.

Max now occupies the crate (when Cole doesn’t sneak himself in there) and Cole is back at occupying our bed. We are however on the hunt for an indoor friendly tent…

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