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Sneak Peak at The Eggleston Family Christmas Card 2009

Cutest thing ever! Yesterday, my mom (aka Nana) was rocking Cole for a nap. He was kinda in and out and Nana asks him what he wants for Christmas. His usual reply is tanker truck, Transformers, or lots of cars, as in not some, or a little, he is very clear that it’s lots. She was surprised when he said he wanted a little sister. {tear} So she asked him what he wanted to name her. His reply: “Allison”. For those of you that are not aware, Allison his his school crush. So I am guessing he’s not really wanting a little sister for the sake of wanting a baby or a sister, I think he wants to bring Allison home.

Anyway, I thought that was nice to share. But, I’ve been dying to show you my Christmas card. They have yet to arrive. But I did finally have a chance to finish it up. This is the back, just a sneal peak as many of you will be getting it in the mail and I would hate to ruin it:

I really need to work on posting the pictures of the “photo shoot”. Let’s just say it involved a lot of candy and ice pops. Some threats too for “a talk”. We got some good ones.

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