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Something Radical

It’s been a long while since I posted. To say life has ben crazy, beautiful, busy in an understatement. In the last 5 weeks, we have mourned the illness and death Uncle Spence, said goodbye to our precious foster daughters, helped Mimi through a fall and a subsequent surgery and rehabilitation, packed our home, put in on the market because this week, we move to Vermont!

I still can’t believe this journey we are on. We’re so tired. The kinda tired that even sleep cannot cure. I think our souls are tired. Overwhelmed. We yearn for stillness.

For quietness.

I’ve been on this two year journey to live on purpose and with intention ever since reading Lara Casey’s book, Make It Happen. This past year I started reading her newest book, Cultivate as well as Love Does by Bob Goff. Wonderful, life-changing reads – I highly recommend all three reads.

I was rereading highlighted portions of Make It Happen and came across the part she writes about radical, and what it is and what it means.

“Radical literally means very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary”. Lara Casey

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Everyone is shocked and surprised that we have decided to move our family East. Some think we’re crazy. Some think we’re brave. Some think we’re stupid. We’ve thought them all too. We have decided to uproot our family and plant them across the country in less than 6 weeks! It’s definitely radical of us. We’re still processing it. But truth be told we haven’t really stopped to think much about it. We know if we do our fear and discomfort will hold is back. So we’re pressing on. We’re just doing it. We’re listening to those quiet nudges in our hearts that say “those precious babies need you now more than ever, simplify, get rid of distractions”.

It’s “the kind of radical that changes everything for the better. That thing that has been set deep in your heart. That thing that scares you. That thing that feels impossible right now. That thing that you know would help you and everyone around you”. Lara Casey

This move is radical indeed.

I don’t know what our future holds. I’m excited. We all are for snow, and adventure, and travel, and land. The excitement will wear off and life will go on and science projects will be due and our children will miss our family and friends. We’re aware things will get hard, we’re just not letting that steal our joy today.


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