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Sometimes Mommy has to lie to get a break

Alright, so I did it. I lied. Not just about a little something. But about a big something. A big something to one particular almost 3 year old.

Cole has been obsessed with birthdays. His birthday lately. So we just had one very special birthday come and go; the birth of Jesus. And I promised him as I was trying to console a very sad forgotten little boy that his birthday would come after Jesus’ birthday passed. His birthday is February the 8th. These days, Cole has been reminding us that Christmas and Jesus’ birthday have passed. Like if to say, “let’s get my birthday on”.

But in all my mommy-ness, I completely forgot that before Cole’s birthday, and after Jesus’ birthday, are my birthday and my mom’s birthday. I thought that maybe it would not be such a big deal to kinda spring it on him on the day and not have gifts but just do a cake. Or not say or do anything at all. But….right. That’s not gonna happen. I like cake and gifts and attention so on to Plan C.

Well, you see, thing is, there was no Plan C. We went over to Mimi’s this afternoon for lunch and she announces to Will and I that she has some late Christmas gifts for Cole. I see opportunity. I take it.

I announce, “Happy Birthday Cole!” “You have birthday presents.” Everyone plays along. He opens his gifts and throughout the day I have casually mentioned that now his birthday has passed. I don’t think he bought it. And I don’t even feel terrible about it. I am justifying it in my head. He’s 2. He doesn’t understand time. Next year he will, or might, or not. But I think I bought (rather Mimi did) ourselves some time. But right now, I probably should go back into his room and remind him that he got presents, his birthday has come and gone. So that in a few short days, mom and I can enjoy our own special day.

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