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I didn’t even tell you all that Cole had strep. He has no signs of sickness what-so-ever. We thought that Cole might have been exposed to swine so we took him in to get tested. Now, I love our pediatrician, Dr. Johnson. Just. love. him. Wanna know why? Because he indulges my narcissism. Yuppers. He does. Every time we go in there he says “Mira, look at how beautiful he is. Now imagine if you had a girl?”

Me, I give Will the nod. He nods back. That is sooo what we say! He totally gets us! Anyway, I found out that he says that to all the patients but whatever, I think he totally means it when he says it to us.

Then, this one time, at band camp when I was nursing, Cole was 6 weeks old and I called him because I was suffering from sleep deprivation PPD. So I had to call him to make sure he was comfortable with me taking the prescribed meds. He advised me that he would rather either that I stop nursing or not take the pills. Then he asked me how I felt about that. So I said that I would find another way to deal with it. Then he said, “That tells me what kind of mother you are.” And seriously, it put it all into perspective for me. I so needed someone to acknowledge how hard I was working at nursing 24-7 and to tell me I was doing a good job. And of all things, at mothering! Then, that night, Cole slept through the night and I was fine after that. Guess I was just a lot tired!

Then, another time, we went in to see him and I insisted he was sick. Cuz a mother just knows. He asked me why I thought he was sick. My reply was that his poop smelled bad. (Yes, I know, again with the poop!) He looked up at me and smiled, “Only a mother would think that their child’s poop ever smelled good.”

“Aww” says the mother.

So, I love Dr. Johnson. We went in on Thursday to their night clinic which opens at 6. I arrived at 6:05. I was #27. We left the office at 10:45 pm. Cole tested positive for strep. Still no symptoms though, thankfully.

We had to kill time outside because there were 6 swine flu cases in that waiting room (we later found out). The whole time we were tailgating outside the Docs office. Will backed the truck up and we sat n the tailgate. We ate flower seeds, we drank juice, we checked our texts and emails. Cole got to ride his motorized four wheeler around the medical complex. We had a good time outside together. Too bad it took a Drs. office to do that. I suppose we can be thankful for that: family time. Oh, and no flu.

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