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Talk to me Baby!!!!

I love it when readers leave comments. I especially love it when people chat with me. Sadly, sometimes I am away from my computer and I’ll miss the chat alert. It might be because I am cleaning flour, juice, or pee…all in a day’s work (see yesterday’s post). But I hate it when I miss someone.

Will had gotten home early yesterday and when I finally got back on my computer I found a chat that I had missed from an anonymous reader.

“Hi! I don’t know you but I like your blog. I got it off of another blog who said you were one of their fav. I think your stories are so cute and funny! I am new to the whole blog world…I pray you are feeling better. Your son makes me laugh.

So I just wanted to shout out to anonymous and say Hello and Thank You for your prayers! I am sorry I missed you but please please keep coming back! Please. Pretty please, with some flour on top?

Sp please feel free to leave a comment or chat from the little tool on the right of the screen where it says Message me will ya?

Oh, and by the way, I think my son makes me laugh too,… and cry, and swear….

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