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Talking Back

Cole and I would occasionally watch a cartoon together and they ask you to interact. Mickey Mouse says, “Say it with: Mishka, Mooshka, Mickey Mouse.” I was the only clown repeating after Mickey, Cole showed no interest in talking back to Mickey.

Just yesterday I noticed him talking to the Blue’s Clue guy (who frankly I think is quite creepy-Cole thinks he’s quite spiffy).

He was singing the Wonder Pets song: “The phone, the phone is ringing….”. I was singing the stupid thing the rest of the afternoon too. Sooo annoying when you can’t get a song out of your head, especially one you hear waay to often!

I suspect that on one of these cartoons, he learned to fish. He got this foam tube from an old toy from his baby days that was jammed into the garage (yes-the one we have been spending a lot of time in) and was going to make it’s way into the trash. He snaked it before I could throw it out and he ran to the mailbox, ie curb. I ran after him yelling “get back here, not in the street!”

“I’m fishing mom!” WTF? Where did he learn to fish? He’s standing on the curb dropping the foam tube into the street. He was really fishing! What an imagination! I wish I had gotten a picture to post but considering how close he was to the street I figured best just tell the story. Perhaps I can recreate the moment…

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