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Thankful before Thanksgiving

I got home late from work today. I actually left work to do an etiquette presentation for a Girl Scouts troop. We had a blast but I was just exhausted when I got home. Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, Gloria (Yaya) tells me that she is giving me her 2 weeks notice.

WTF just happened!!!

My head is spinning but everyone who knows me knows I don’t cry (in public) or hug (just Cole and Will) or say mushy-feelings kinds of things. So I calmly (because heaven forbid I let someone so special know just how special she is) ask her why. For you to understand her reason, you must first know the story:

Last night I had come home late from a Junior League meeting. I was kinda hungry and decided to go get Whataburger. Then I scratched the idea because Will was too tired to go and I was too tired to go so I decide to eat my leftovers from Mimi’s Cafe. It was from Tuesday. I looked in the fridge and it was gone. So I ask Gloria where where it was and she told me she had eaten it. I was a little bummed, and Will was irritated that he might have to make a trip to Whataburger. Well, she sensed that, but most of all she sensed that Will was upset, and Will never gets upset.

She felt horrible and it is my understanding that she cried about it all night. There were a million things going through her head including we were getting fed up with her and she was hurt and ashamed and can you blame her?

My heart is breaking to think that our carelessness has caused someone so much pain because more than anything, she felt lonely. I try to live by that which I teach: kindness, courtesy, respect, and consideration and I think that in that moment, I lived by none of those.

So tonight, Will and I asked Yaya for forgiveness and she cried her little heart out that she was sorry too. For what I don’t know….

Yaya has been with us for over a year now, and much of that time I was at home with her so we have become close. I hurt my friend today and though she has forgiven me, I have not forgiven myself.

I couldn’t imagine her not in our lives, and she is a jewel with Cole. Had we lost her, I would have had to quit my job. I was home with her and Cole for eight months and when I left him in her care, I knew he was safe – and loved.

But she’s staying on and we are happy and grateful.

This was our family picture last year, we hope that all the same people are in
it again this year (we totally wouldn’t mind a hidden peanut in there too!)

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