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That my playset…

We hear these words often now…ever since daddy built Cole a swingset. Not from scratch, he ordered it and then put it together himself. Cole and I helped some. But the majority was done by daddy. What an awesome poppa, huh?

That’s been the big project around here for that last week. Will worked on it quite extensively on Sunday of last week and did just a little here and there throughout the week. But yesterday he put on the finishing touches. It looks great and it’s so nice for Cole to have something to do outside. Not so good for me as I am an indoor computer kinda person.

Good news is that Cole was at Mimi’s most of the day Sunday that I was able to work on a little project for Kooshie Tooshies, who will be launching their business here soon. I’ll keep you updated… As I mentioned previously, Cole hasn’t been into the whole napping thing if I don’t nap with him. He didn’t nap at all at Mimi’s and last night he fell asleep at 8:30! Praise the Lord. Guess what I did? That’s right, on the computer working. I freakin’ love it! This my dear friends, is my playset.

Some pictures finally!!

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