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The G-Hetto

That’s right, apparently, we live in the ghetto. We had been warned by our neighbor that there have been a few cars broken in to. So Will has a talk with me about locking the car and making sure to clean it up and put the Ipod away at all times. Never to let valuables be seen. But seriously, that kinda stuff happens, but not to us.

I woke up 17 minutes late today and I showered and got ready in record time! I dash out the door and as I am putting my bags in the backseat, I notice that the driver door is not closed right. No big deal, I thought, I just hope the car turns on. I open the driver side door and reach to put my purse on the passenger seat and I am like, “WTF, who threw my stuff all over my seat?” I did cuss in my head because I was a little annoyed. I mean, how rude!

So then it dawns on me,…my car was broken into. I run inside and whisperingly yell to Will that my car was broken into. (Cole was still asleep.) There are no visible signs of a forced entry but my Ipod, some change, and the radar detector are taken. My stubbs with socials and checking account deposit slips are thrown everywhere. The garage door opener is there (praise him) and so is Cole’s carseat. I am kinda a Junior Detective and I have a hunch that the thieves are young because they did not see the value in my carseat. It was expensive-those idiots! So I’m like “hah” and I was telling the gals at work and they said “well they’re trying to be stealth like-carseats are big”. Oooh. I hadn’t thought about that. So, we no longer have any leads.

Actually, we do have leads but I can’t tell you about them because that could hinder the investigation.

Just kidding, I always wanted to say that. But I think they do have some leads or video but I wasn’t really paying attention to what Will was saying. I am sooo ADD! Something about a “consent to search, video, 5 other breakins in the area”,….I can’t remember-it was information overload. System down now.

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