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The reason is,…

As you can see by the last two posts (spaced only a few weeks apart) that I am not that good at blogging. That is because of my wonderful Mother’s Day gift. I last posted that I was having trouble wrapping my head around Photoshop and I am happy to report that I get it now, somewhat.

But that’s a start. I have been up late playing with Photoshop and I’m playing with Illustrator too.

Will is not as excited about my gift because though he sees me, it’s from the living room as he glances into the study to check and make sure I am still breathing (aka typing). I’ve been neglecting him some and Cole too. I pride myself on how well he plays by himself but even he lets me know his limits in a very polite way. He doesn’t cry, or tantrum, he just stands behind me and starts choking and gagging. The first time he did this I freaked a little and gave him attention ASAP so now he knows how to get some much needed mommy-time. It’s just too cute.

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