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The shortest longest line

Went to see Dr. Duran today to see what the plan was. Should I continue on another round of Clomid or have a dye test done. Resutls: No dye test, higher dose of Clomid. Great except this means more money. Clomid isn’t covered by our insurance.

Solution, Mexico! Isn’t Mexico always the answer? Having a bad day…drink it up in Mexico. Need some quality wood furniture…shop it up in Mexico. Need cheap meds, (or meds without a script)…drug it up in Mexico! Viva Mexico!

I called mom up and she was babysitting so I called Will up and he was like, “just spend the money and get it here”. No way, I am a bargain shopper! Why am I going to spend $60 for them here when I can get them for $12.50 in Reynosa?

So I got Bob, (or Bop, as Cole lovingly refers to him) to go with me. We are in the car just leaving Bob’s and he asks me if I have my passport. Are you kidding me? I am such an airhead! Only me. So he takes me home to get it and we get there, I get my meds, and some for Yaya. We get to the bridge to return and I’m like “Get in this line Bob! Look at how fast it’s moving?” Then guess what happens? Yeah, we see cars passing us by like they’re on a subway. Goodbye car #15, we haven’t moved an inch! We finally get to the Customs Agent and then we’re done. On our way home and Bob says to a friend on the phone, “We got in the shortest longest line”. I thought it was funny and blog-worthy.

Anyway, cycle number 4 on Clomid. Maybe next month….maybe twins :)….

Until then, I was anxious to get home and see my baby! Makes the sun shine despite the rain!

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