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There is free stuff to be had this holiday season.

It has been raining free stuff for a week or so now. A few weeks back we were elated to find, in the mail, a coupon for $10 off any $20 purchase at Office Max. I desperately needed a wireless mouse and keyboard. (Obviously not desperately enough because the coupon sat and when I decided to redeem it, it was 6:50 on a Saturday and the store closes at 7:00-so we missed the free money! Boo-Hoo and shame on us!)

Then, a day or so later, we received a coupon from Kohl’s and JC Penney. I never open them up because I just don’t usually think to go to these stores for our clothing needs. Target, Old Navy, Banana Republic, or Ann Taylor Loft will usually suffice. But Will opened them up. And they were both offering us a $10 coupon off anything in the store for $10 or more. Um,…yeah, I’ll stop in there. So we went to Kohl’s first, and we bought Cole a pair of jeans for $2.20! Then the cashier said we could keep the coupon. So we got our bag and bolted outta there before she changed her mind. How exciting! More free stuff!

Saturday evening we hit JC Penney to redeem that coupon. We walked out with a pair of Levis jeans for $4.46. But we were feeling all greedy and decided to head out to Kohl’s for the second round of free money. Will walked in and was able to use the coupon again! Another pair of jeans for $2.20!

We got home and we were reeling about how awesome coupons are when we opened our mailbox, guess what we saw?

A $10 coupon off of any $20 purchase at Office max AND a $5 coupon for BEALLS off of $5. Can you believe our luck? So make sure you open those coupons because there are some great finds right now. And I do desperately need that wireless mouse and keyboard so this time I am hitting Office Max early.

And in case you are thinking that they are sending coupons to get us to spend more, you are correct! But we didn’t. Because I had Hubby around, I was focused. We only walked out with what we needed.

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