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Three Designing Women

I have been busy lately and though I have been dying to blog I just can’t seem to get away long enough to do that. Been working fervently on my website, you have checked it out, right? It’s www.ChicFarm.com and I had been configuring the cart setup and everything else. It is sooo neat how it all works. I cannot beleive I did it! Anyway, the hard part is inputting the products. I have managed between work and retreats and motherhood and being the awesome wife I am to put in maybe 4 products. Whew! The excting thing is that what I have decided to start imputing is the newest thing I have decided to sell. They are custom stamps and embossers by Three Designing Women! As you all are well aware, I am an etiquette consultant and I love all the things that go with RSVP, thank you notes, stationary, etc. So for a while I had been wanting to get myself some embossers and since it goes hand in hand with my invitations and announcements I decided to sell them. So be looking out for their stuff on our website as well, as Chic Farm Designs is now carrying their entire product line!

I have a few invitations that I have designed for some “clinets” but I need to upload them so I can share with you. It really doesn’t take very long, I just need to stop uploading products and get them on this blog right? Anyway, I have a super funny story I am dying to share but that will have to wait. I laugh too hard when I tell it I just don’t want to wake up Cole. So until next time….

Here’s a picture of our cool cat, Cole. He loves wearing sunglasses so much he can even sleep in them. He is so serious when he has them on. He doesn’t smile, just leaves them on until they fall off or he falls asleep. What a cutie pie!

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