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Thursday anticipation

I get super excited for Thursdays to come. Wednesday nights I usually run around the house “hunting” for trash just to fill up the trash can. Like really, I’ll go into the garage and start looking at things and breaking down shoe boxes because when in doubt, throw it out! I have a fear of ending up with a trash can that can no longer fit the rest of my trash. Then what do I do? I may resort to walking around the neighborhood asking my sweet neighbors if I can dump in theirs. Haven’t had to do it, hope I never do, but let me tell you that I have it in me.

How did I even get to talking about trash day? Oh yeah, that’s right… Our current project is cleaning out the garage and there was…er,.. is a lot of trash in there. I started two nights ago and it is so sweet to be able to clean out the garage. We park our cars blocking the driveway so that Cole can play with all his outdoor toys while mommy cleans the garage and daddy works in the yard. It has been really really nice. The garage is about 3/4 done and it’s kinda bittersweet. We’ll park the cars in the garage but Cole will probably not have fun in the sun for a good while.

Ok ADD girl, focus…

So Monday evening we had pretty much filled the trash. You can imagine the anxiety this caused knowing I had 2 more days to go with nowhere to put the trash. Visions of me walking down the street with stinky trash bags ran through my head and I had a light bulb moment.

I called Daddy-O who quickly came to the rescue. My parents live out in the boonies and they don’t have trash pickup they have to take it to a trash center (???). The awesome thing about this is that they are not limited to visits or gallon-age like us city-folk. So he had a trip to the trash and he took mine too.

Panic attack/neighbor harassment suit averted! Woohoo! -until next week at least:)

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