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Today’s Headline

I had a bad feeling, I should have gone with my gut!

Will’s dad, Bob, calls us yesterday afternoon and asks if we’d like to join him and some friends to celebrate a birthday. It’s not Bob’s birthday, it’s one of his friends but his friends have been around for years and they’re pretty much like family. He mentions the birthday man’s name and it doesn’t sound familiar. Bob assures us it’s fine to go so we assume that it will be the usual crowd.

I feel kinda strange about going because Lady Etiquette is in my head saying “You don’t remember the guest of honor, and you weren’t personally invited by the host or guest of honor. Stay home.”

We show up anyway. We walk into the restaurant and immediately we see a few couples who look the Winter Texan variety. Must be another party, so we walk a few more feet and spot Bob, talking to a man in his 80’s. All heads look up at the young “whipper snappers”; Bob’s the only familiar face in the place.

Today’s headline read something like this:

Lady Etiquette and Husband Crash Birthday Party

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